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Mercedes ELENA Mendez Castro.

With a background in architecture and ceramics, Mercedes arrived to jewellery after she started collecting “beach debris” during her walks along the Venezuelan Caribbean.  These natural found objects brought her the first ideas and materials for jewels. In 2004 she started her jewellery education in Caracas, with Maestro Orfebre Ursi Galletti. In 2005 she moved to Europe (London, Amsterdam, Paris from 2015 to present), where she continued furthering her skills and career in jewellery production (Central St. Martins, Martin Hopton Jewellery Worshop, Atelier Het Sieraad), and working for independent jewellery brands (Sweet Pea Jewellery, Gem Kingdom). In 2012 she adventured herself into the creation of her own jewellery line, which she called El Diamante Artisan Jewellery. 2017 sees the launch of her Paris based eponymous brand Mercedes Elena.